PATA 012
Flashing Arrow Panel Guidelines

  1. The color presented by the elements shall be yellow.
  2. The minimum element on-time shall be 50 percent for the flashing mode, with equal intervals of 25 percent for each sequential phase. The flashing rate shall be not less than 25 or more than 40 flashes per minute.
  3. Full matrix message boards may be utilized in the same manner as the flashing arrow panels if the minimum size and legibility requirements are satisfied.
  4. Arrow panels display a flashing arrow in Merge Mode. Use this mode for conditions where traffic must merge in lane-drop situations. Merge mode is not to be used for lane shifts or other scenarios not shown in a PATA drawing.
  5. Type D Arrow Panels shall only be used on vehicles during short term and/or mobile operations.
  6. See the MUTCD, Section 6F.61, and Publication 46, Section 6.10, for additional information.
Operating Modes
Merge Mode

Flashing Arrow
(right arrow shown; left is similar)

Sequential Chevron
(right arrow shown; left is similar)

Flashing Double Arrow

Caution Mode

Flashing Corners

Flashing Bar

Alternating Diamond

Flashing Arrow Panel Sizing and Utilization Chart
Arrow Pannel Type Minimun Size (inches) Minimum Legibility Distance Minimum Number of Elements Type of Operation Type of Highway Maximum Speed Limit MPH
A 48x24 1/2 mile 12 Stationary Conventional 30
B 60x30 3/4 mile 13 Stationary Conventional 40
Mobile Conventional 55
C 96x48 1 mile 15 Any Freeways & Expressways 65
Stationary Conventional 45
D None* 1/2mile 12 Stationary (Daylight only) Conventional 30

*Length of arrow equals 48 inches, width of arrowhead equals 24 inches.