PATA 010:
Guidelines For Height And Lateral Placement Of Temporary Traffic Control Signs

  1. Signs located on both the left and right sides of a roadway shall conform to these guidelines.
  2. Red Type B flashing lights are mandatory with temporary stop signs. Yellow Type B warning lights are mandatory with temporary yield signs and are optional with warning signs unless otherwise indicated in PATA notes. Refer to the MUTCD, Section 6F.83, for more information on flashing lights.
  3. A clearance of 1' from the curb face is permissible where sidewalk width is limited or where existing utility poles are close to the curb.
  4. Higher mounting heights are desirable and may be necessary where construction equipment, material or other obstructions such as parking or pedestrian activity is present.
  5. All signs erected within the roadway or shoulder shall be mounted on Portable Sign Supports, Temporary Portable Sign Posts or Type III barricades.
  6. The width of Type III barricade rails shall be a minimum of 48" or equal to the widest horizontal dimension of the widest sign installed on the barricade, whichever is greater.
  7. Supplemental plaques may be attached to the post nearest the roadway or centered under the sign.
  8. Portable sign supports should not be used for a duration greater than 3 days. They are intended to be used with warning signs and may be used with speed limit signs as described in note 9.
  9. Regulatory signs such as Stop (R1-1), Yield (R1-2), Stop Here On Red (R10-6), Speed Limit (R2-1), etc. shall meet minimum mounting heights, which are 5' in rural areas and 7' in urban areas measured vertically from the edge of traveled way to bottom of sign.
  10. Mounting heights for signs posted along freeways and expressways shall conform with urban heights as shown on the next page.
  11. If temporary traffic control devices are placed on a sidewalk or pedestrian pathway, a clear accessible area with a minimum width of 48" must be provided for pedestrians. This accessible area must be free from signs, materials and other obstructions which may inhibit wheelchair usage. See General Note A-4 for more information.
  12. Sign edge should align with curb face, however sidewalk overhang is permissible if a 48" minimum accessible path is provided.
  13. Type III Barricades and Portable Sign Posts ("H" base or "X" base) shall utilize sandbag ballast on each leg to provide stability.
Rural Post Mounted Sign
Urban Post Mounted Sign
Rural Type III Barricade
Urban Type III Barricade
Rural Portable Sign Supports
Urban Portable Sign Supports
Portable Sign Post
"H" Base or "X" Base

See publication 111 Traffic Control - Pavement Markings and Signing Stardards TC-8717 for Base Detail

Urban Portable Sign Supports