General Notes - Section G
Equipment, Vehicle, and Material Storage

G-1. The buffer space shall be kept free from work activity and storage of equipment, vehicles, or material.

G-2. Equipment, vehicles, and material shall be stored a minimum of 30 feet from the edge of the nearest open travel lane, or they shall be adequately stored behind a longitudinal barrier. If these criteria cannot be met, than store these items as far as practical from the nearest roadway edge and behind barricades, drums, or other protective devices. Publication 13M, Design Manual 2, Chapter 12, Table 2.3, presents minimum unobstructed distances that shall be maintained behind various guiderail systems.

G-3. If site conditions prevent equipment, vehicles, and material from being stored as indicated in the previous note or if these items are staged for use in an operation, then barricades, drums, or other protective devices shall be placed around these items.

G-4. Worker's vehicles parked in a work zone shall be placed in such a manner that does not compromise the safety of workers, pedestrians, or the traveling public. Parking behind barrier is most preferred. If barrier does not exist then position vehicles outside of the clear zone, if possible.