General Notes - Section E
Traffic Control Devices - Portable changeable Message Signs

E-1. PCMS message text included with approved traffic control plans shall be displayed exactly as shown. If messages are not provided or other messages are desired, use the criteria established in the MUTCD, Section 2L.05, to create the desired message and contact the District Traffic Unit, District Traffic Management Center (DTMC), or Regional Traffic Management Center (RTMC) to request approval prior to posting. Once a message has been approved, requesters may retain it and maintain a log of previously approved messages for future postings. The log should contain the message text, requested date, approved date, and name of approver. Alteration of a previously approved message is considered a new message and requires approval. This isto ensure consistency with PCMS message content, phase timing, and appearance. PCMS boards are an important resource and their effectiveness is dependent upon many factors including proper installation, accurate message content, and panel displays.Improper messages or incorrect message content will erode motorist confidence in PCMS messages. Refer to the MUTCD, Sections 2L and 6F.60, for more information on PCMS message structure.

E-2. PCMS deployed along the roadway should be placed behind barrier, if practical. Where barrier is not available, PCMS should be placed off the shoulder and outside the clear zone. If there are no options other than to place a PCMS on the shoulder then it shall be placed as far as practical from the edge line with the trailer hitch facing away from oncoming traffic. Delineation (drums are preferred) is required when the PCMS is placed within the clear zone and not behind barrier. Refer to PATA 009 for further guidance.

E-3. PCMS may be placed on the left or right side of the roadway. When multiple PCMS are placed in the same direction of travel, place them on the same side of the roadway; separated from each other by a distance of at least 1000' on freeways and expressways and at least 500' on other highways. PCMS should not be located within an interchange except for toll plazas and managed lanes.